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Line crews repair damage from NHwind2010

Along Chester Road in Raymond, a line crew sets about their work to repair downed lines.

Making Waves after the NHwind2010 event

A Chevy truck goes where it is not really supposed to go…

Tree down

Taken with my iPhone during the big wind event of February, 2010

The last snow plow?

Based on all the rain we got today, I’m guessing this was the last big plow of the season.


How late were you up last night?

What did you do?


Lovely light, and tastes great, too!

What’s Cooking?

Another shot from last weekend, as Claire and I prepared Chuck’s macaroni and cheese.


The base of a light pole in Portsmouth.

Love Letter

I took this photo for the February 2010 Monthly Scavenger Hunt; the clue was “Love Letter.” I keep this on my desk at work.

clove, bay leaf, onion

What would you do with these ingredients?