Archives for December 2011


A young deer leaps into the underbrush in this image. I don’t normally post photos I consider a bust, but every time I look at this I like it a little more. While I’m not a fan of images with blur added by camera movement, in this case, it works well with the young deer […]

Merry Christmas

Wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas. Complete with glass robot Christmas tree ornaments.

What is it?

Today’s photo is obviously a little more abstract. Some sort of alien antenna? Nebulous growth under a microscope? Malformed unicorn horn? What do YOU think it is?

Bulldozer Treads

I combed the archives for today’s photo. Regular readers might recognize this from my post on Labor Day, where I showed a slightly different view. This image is available for purchase via Getty Images; click here to view the J. Ronald Lee collection.

Getting Drilled

Want to bowl a perfect 300? You should probably start with a good bowling ball. This is a nice starter ball – getting prepped at Striker’s East, where the pro shop has limited hours, but an incredibly friendly staff and reasonable prices. If you’re going to buy a ball, find a local pro-shop and buy […]