Archives for December 2009

Eight Toadstools

Taking a trip back in time. Today I’m visiting September, when these mushrooms grew. Can you spot them all?

Rare New Hampshire Sunset

A rare spectacular sunset taken in Raymond, New Hampshire

Fork Reflections

From the Gaslight Restaurant in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. Detail of a fork on a copper table.

Minnie Mouse

Snowy Maple Macro

A single branch from a maple tree is crusted in snow.

Snow Garden

A trellis and garden shed made in the shape of a normal distribution curve stand under a fresh blanket of snow.

Orange PUMA Penguin

The Puma Store Penguin, highly sought after, but rarely seen outside of the retail establishment. Meet Pepe.

Black cat with green eyes

Muffet, a black cat with green eyes, is ready for his close up.

Snow dunes

After almost a foot of snow, it rained…

Old school lights

Another entry for the photo scavenger hunt, I thought I’d take a play on the words when assigned “Old school lights” for one of my entries.