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This jester sculpture is actually part of a lamp – it resides at a relative’s home, and I see it once every couple of years or so. Last time when I tried to photograph it, I didn’t have as nice of a camera, and in the soft light, the image turned out blurry because I couldn’t hold the camera still enough. This time, I’m much happier with the results.

Purple Flowers

I took this shot at the J & F Farm. We had stopped for tomatoes and carrots, but ended up wandering by where they grow their flowers, too. I was pleased with the focus on the subject, and the nice bokeh behind it.


We’ve seen this photo before, but something always draws me in to photos through enclosed spaces, so I took a couple quick shots when I walked by some large drainage pipes being used for a project in my town.

Salt and Pepper

Peppercorns and sea salt crystals, just waiting to be ground onto some fresh food.

Nemesis: Beetle

A photo of one of the beetles that is terrorizing my garden. I hope the chickens think these things are tasty!

The Dog’s Toes

A photo of Abigail’s foot (she’s a Border Collie / Labrador mix), taken with a macro lens. Are you ready for your close up?


I don’t consider this an exceptional photo by any stretch – rather, it’s just another from the new lens in my bag, the Nikkor 105mm micro. It’s a pretty long lens, and capable of focusing very close up, as seen in the coffee bubbles the other day. Here I was using it to try to […]

Coffee Bubbles

A macro photo of my morning coffee, including what appears to be about 100 self portraits in the reflections.


Two photos of dragonflies taken in southern New Hampshire, one macro, one not.

Snails on the Beach

Part two from my trip to York, Maine’s Long Beach. I’m going to try to go back soon to see if I can get a better close up photo.