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Ruby Throated Humming Bird

A couple photos of a female ruby throated humming bird (the males have a much more crimson throat).


This is geographically relevant to the shed and the spider – these ripening blackberries are growing in between the two on our property.

Under Construction

Regular readers will take a look around and notice that there is a LOT different. I’ve updated the site, and still have additional customizations planned… but that’s all part of the CSS file, and won’t impact the content you find here (translation: I will make some of the fonts look different, but the site will stay the same).

Garden Spider (Argiope aurantia)

Looks scary – but she doesn’t bite. Most of the time.

The Third Drawer

What’s in there?

Buy bp

Would you eat shrimp from the Gulf?

Dancing Lobster

A lobster dances to entice you to order… Lobster? The photos don’t do her justice. She was on fire.

iPhone 4 Antenna Solution

The fool proof way to fix your iPhone 4’s antenna.

Drink the Plank

You MUST have a driver… Buzzed driving is drunk driving.

PSA over – these were very tasty!

The List: Portsmouth Brewery

Decisions, decision… so hard sometimes!