Archives for August 2009

Hard to find good help.

A friend of mine, diagnosed with asthma, was recently told that she needed to stop vacuuming and dusting in her home. I know. Tragic. Mary planned her budget, paid some bills off, and looked for someone clean her home. Her husband Bill found a company that claimed they would make their image sparkle, and asked […]

Two Red Corvettes for Sale

Anyone looking to buy a red corvette? Because there are two for sale within a couple miles of my house. In a part of the country known more for its fascination with Subarus than sports cars, a couple of farms have red corvettes out front that are now for sale. I think it’s a sign […]

Voice adds to Google’s growing influence

If you haven’t heard about Google Voice yet, it was only going to be a matter of time. Google Voice gives me a single phone number that will ring where ever I want. If you have my Google Voice number, you can reach me on my cell, at work, or at home. You won’t know […]