Archives for April 2010

Product shots: Tretorn Shoes

A collection of several photographs of Tretorn shoes

Red Legos

Throw away day! Red Legos… Lots of ’em.

Please help: Which picture says “Airport” to you?

A collection of photos from the Milwaukee airport. Which one speaks to you?

Maple bokeh

Short on time, so I’m just grabbing a recent photo and throwing it up. Still really enjoying the new 50mm lens. This is the only image I’ve taken that really shows it’s a seven blade shutter.

Queen Anne’s Lace

Can you name this plant? It’s Queen Anne’s Lace.


What’s for dinner? Mmmm… delicious.

Freelance Whales in Boston

See a slide show of a couple dozen images from the Freelance Whales’ show in Waltham on Saturday.

Under Construction… again.

Just a quick note to say that I will resume posting photos in the next day or so, but I want to try some new things with the site design first. Because I look for the blog to have a simple design that emphasizes the photos, I may have to resize the images when I […]

Tiny Snake

Four photos of a very small snake, we called it “Lucky.”

Cat Nap

Click the photo to see the alternate view of this image.