Archives for April 2010

a Better Mouse Trap

This post includes a sprung trap and all that this entails. You’ve been warned.


As we switch from winter to summer, a couple of pairs of lady’s skates.

Unknown Flower

These flowers didn’t bloom at all last year, but this year a few of the bulbs seem to have more drive.

Born to ride

We see a lot of bikers on the road this time of year in New Hampshire.

Pomegranate Citrus Martini

Recipe for this delicious martini enclosed…

Clohn Art

Come, enjoy the Clohn. This is a picture of my Clohn. Do you have Clohn?


Several photos of sheep, taken by request.


What’s next to your couch? We have green chilis. And tomatoes.

the things we carry

A collection of books to help with some of the things we carry.

Want some Cheetos?

Reach in there. You know you want one.