Araucana chick


This is Charlie. She’s an Araucana chick, about one week old in this photo.

She and her two nest-mates (another Auracana named Pete Mitchell and a Welles Sommer named Ramekin) will stop being cute in another week or two. Time is of the essence!

What kind of “cute chick” photos should I be taking? The opportunity is fleeting, and I’m taking requests.  


  1. Looks definitely awesome shot! I have never seen such a beautiful close-up shot of Araucana chick we can see every detail of the photo, I will try to take some shots like this but with some other bird LOL, thanks for sharing.

  2. Jordan Xiong says:

    Awesome photography! Not many people are able to catch these kinds of expressions of such lovely creatures. It couldn’t be better. The Auracana chick looks so innocent that has no worries, no problems, and no idea about the world at all. To him all that matters is his mother’s love and care. It is so tiny that if clicked from a distance you wouldn’t be able to recognize what exactly it is. I am impressed.

  3. Karyn18 says:

    Araucana chick? It’s new to me really! But it’s cute.. I know you are very well in photography and it looks like you did it well again! Very nice photo!

  4. These photographs are so pretty. She is looking so cute. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Great shots. Yes they look very cute but I’m intrigued. I think it would be interesting to do a series of photos documenting the process from cute to ‘not cute’.

  6. Leverette says:

    You have an awesome shot. You are really amazing you have a great skills in photography.

  7. I love looking at a close up shot of anything even a simple thing.. This one looks definitely one of the best you had..

  8. That is one hot chick! Just kidding. Thef irst picture is so cute. Its like looking through its soul

  9. Gonna look great aside mashed potatoes hehe Just kidding :) So cute!

  10. Love this photo of chick and it is just so cute! I have never seen such photos before.. Great shot!

  11. Heidi19 says:

    So pretty and very impressive! Thanks for sharing this with us and i’m looking forward see more of this from you. Love it!

  12. Stuart Greg says:

    Those are really wonderful pictures of the chick. I think she is gorgeous….;)

  13. Michael says:

    Man, so adorable. The chick is so cute but how you captured the cutie through your photographs make it more lovely.

  14. Cute photo! I love the innocence and the beauty of the photo. The chick is straight from nature, such a master piece of photography. I love the way you make normal photo into extraordinary. It seems so wonderful to see the chick so closely. Your photo almost seems as real happening front of my eyes.

  15. Jace Mason says:

    It’s a brilliant close up shot of Araocana chick. How sweet it is. I think, i ‘ll try to practice like you. Thanks for a nice post.

  16. Scottsdale says:

    Really beautiful pictures, my father has some little chickens, and they are so cute when they are about 1-2 week old, nice post !

  17. What a lovely shot, this ARAUCANA CHICK is adorable…

  18. Purnima says:

    Thanks for such a beautiful share. Amazing close up shot . Not everyone has expertise to catch such expressions of creatures. Her eyes are beautiful and expressive. Unlike humans so content are these creatures . Thanks for sharing this with us.

  19. Cindy Reid says:

    What an awesome chick photo! Hope to see a real one.

  20. It is such a beautiful picture. Charlie is so adorable. I wish I was there. I just want to hold her in my palm. It looks so delicate and cute. The photo is absolutely amazing. Hat’s off to the photographer for capturing such a lovely picture. The Araucana chick just blows your mind away. She is so pretty. I love her innocence.

  21. After seeing this picture all I could think was about the poem written by D.H. Lawrence,
    I never saw a wild thing
    sorry for itself.
    A small bird will drop frozen dead from a bough
    without ever having felt sorry for itself.
    Its just so amazing that a small chick can inspire you. Its innocence and purity just blows my mind away.

  22. Charlie is so beautiful and cute. Its amazing you could capture its innocence and purity with such accuracy. The picture is just amazing. I am in love with this charming Araucana chick. She is so adorable. How I wish she was mine. You take the most enthralling pictures I have ever seen. I am not able to take my eyes off her.

  23. Hazel Delle says:

    Charlie is really cute Auracana chick. Talking about photography, I don’t have a doubt in your talent. You really have a great talent in photography. You know what the right angle to capture on the subject.

  24. Charlie is a really sexy chick. She has a lovely name too. I wish I could stop time and let it look this beautiful and innocent forever. I don’t know much about photography but I do know what I would I like to see and I would really like to see more photos like this. This is just so amazing and beautiful.

  25. Sarina Jones says:

    I really love taking care of animals most especially chicks. My dad has a farm and he takes care a lot of chicks.

  26. How cute this little chicken is, it cannot be older than a few days, but maybe you’e rights, 1 week… Nice shot of your chick model :)

  27. Sharon Precourt says:

    Charlie is so cute. I want to have an Araucana chick like this. You really inspire me to care a chick as well. You capture the chick perfectly. You really shoot the right point.

  28. OMG, she is so cute. I hope she grows up just fine. This is going in my Pinterest. :)

  29. I have never heard of these type of birds (chicks) before but that does not mean much there is a lot of different chick breeds I do not know. To say the two baby or young bird images are great would be an understatement but I do prefer the second one over the first. That said they are both great.

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