This is not a post about the world’s most valuable company. Don’t get me wrong, as an early adopter of the iPhone 5, I could go on a rant or two. Maps, battery life, destroyed podcast functionality, lightning port, cost of lightning port adapters, unavailability of lightning port adapters, design of lightning port adapters (take your case off to use it), and Siri’s dependence not just on an Internet connection, but on LTE to work at all.

No, this post is just a photo of a huge Cortland apple. Delicious!


  1. I just liked the way you have put down the description for your picture. It is way too intellectual and provoking for the people mad over the new Apple Iphone 5. I did not like that phone at all. However, coming back to your picture, the apple really looks delicious!

  2. I think the subtle reflections of light might have brought the photo a notch lower in terms of quality. And I’m not talking of the blue tinge, which fits in pretty well. But that subtlety certainly does not mar the temptation of the apple.

  3. I like the way you bring up the issues without condemning. And also, I like the apple.

  4. This is really an huge apple, oh I guess like the size of the iphone 5 LOL. I didn’t like the iphone 5, I had high expectations from it, Samsung Galaxy 3 is can say better as the cost is relatively less then it. Nice photography thanks a lot for sharing.

  5. LOL very well portrayed, I know the level of frustration you have with new iphone, same scene with my friends, I’m pretty happy with my Galaxy s3 will stick with it for a while, by the way nice click of the apple. Good post, thanks for sharing.

  6. Atika Quraishi says:

    very beautifully captured picture, i would never eat this apple as long as it looks this good..

  7. I like the play on words/imagery here. I actually thought indeed this was going to be about Apple the company. Nice job :) And that apple looks yummy.

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