Taking a bite

Are you biting the apple, or will the apple bite you? Sophie made this, and then we ate it. Good times!



This is not a post about the world’s most valuable company. Don’t get me wrong, as an early adopter of the iPhone 5, I could go on a rant or two. Maps, battery life, destroyed podcast functionality, lightning port, cost of lightning port adapters, unavailability of lightning port adapters, design of lightning port adapters (take […]

Rotten Apple


I thought that as Apple has finally cleaned up its mess with not being able to sell the Beatles on iTunes, an image of an apple gone bad might be ironic. I actually took this photo before even rumors broke, and I was just looking for something truly creepy. Meal worms and a red delicious […]

Apple Core

iPhone 3Gs

This photo explores the interior of the Apple iPhone 3Gs… and what it looks like after you throw it in the sink.

Apple Tree

apple tree

Photograph of an apple tree against a cloudy sky.

Easy as Pie


A slice of pie from the Red Arrow Diner.

Apple trees in the mist


Something I pass every day on the way to work turned magical this morning.