American Toad


That’s a Buffo americanus for the scientist in you. This one’s from earlier this year. I love the amphibians, especially when they hop across my yard. After taking this one’s photos, I set it free in my vegetable garden.


  1. He’s a little guy – and very lovely.

  2. It has posed well for the photo. Its fingers give quite the funky look. Cute. Though the eyes give me the creeps. In short, this is such a feature-packed snap, a zoologist will be able to gather something from it.

  3. Oh so cute is that American toad! It is a mixture of simplicity, the basic shades of black, that amazing body pattern that makes it too attractive and look innocent, beautiful eyes and a great pose to be clicked. I so feel if I could also place on my palm and feel its texture.

  4. This toad looks magical and yes its body texture looks so different and yet beautiful. There are so many more species of toads and it ranges from various colours and textures to different patterns that make them look fascinating and attractive. Thanks for the share.

  5. I’ve been taking pictures of lizards recently, their skin is fascinating and photographs really well. This toad has a similar texture to it’s skin. I love the shades of light and dark. He really does seem to posing. Properly eyeballing you. Did you take the picture with one hand and hold him with the other ?

  6. Taking pictures of wildlife and all the other natural aspects of life is so peaceful and the things we get to explore is wide and the list seems unending now. I am a big fan of nature, the creatures that reside here, the various plants, animals and other living beings accept for some humans. LOL. This picture rocks!

  7. Wildlife photography at its best! I’m not a particular fan of amphibians, slimy creatures I tell you. I don’t know why though I wish hold this little guy! The lack of slime maybe, or maybe it’s the clarity of your snap. Either way, it is cute.

  8. That’s a great photo :) If you like amphibians so much, why don’t you do an album on them? I don’t think there are many in the world :) Congrats on your photographer skills!

  9. WOW!! This toad looks so cute. The pic is really amazing with great clarity. Lovely shot.

  10. This creature is so cute and adorable. I like his eyes the most. Thanks for acquainting me to a new creature,

  11. Really this toad looks damn cute.It looks too good and i dont mind holding it in my palm and taking a pic with it.But I think the toad will give me a tough competition if someone has a glance at our pic.This tiny toad doesn’t look scary at all though i always hated these creepy creatures.He looks quite interesting
    and strong.

  12. Really this toad looks so cute and amazing and i wish I could hold him on my palm and pat him.The photograph taken here is awesome and the toad has given a quiet good pose.Also his eyes are sparkling and they look superb.

  13. Thanks for sharing such a great pic.The toad looks damn cool and cute.The photograph has taken very brilliantly.The body texture and color of his body looks awesome and I must say that this little guy doesn’t look scary like the other creepy creatures.Also his eyes are sparkling and I just wish that i could pet him.

  14. I really like the pic of this tiny little toad and I would really appreciate for the great pic that you have captured.I just want to ask you whether you have any more pics captured of this same toad and if so can you share them too.I love taking pics of wildlife and I just wanted some tips from you about photography if you could give some???

  15. The best thing i like about this green toad is his sparkling eye which looks as though he is looking at the viewer intently.His legs are so tiny and i feel the need to hold him on my palm n take the pic of both of us together.This little one does not look creepy like the other toads.

  16. I love the photograph taken and it looks amazing.The best part of the toad is his eyes and his scales.They look awesome and i really appreciate the quality of pic you have taken.It really depicts Wildlife photography at its best as someone said.I think you should take some pics from other angles too and it will really look cool.

  17. I’m not a giant fan of toads but one thing you can say for them is that they always look very wise!

  18. I just hate creepy creatures but the toad that you have photographed looks extremely super cool.His eyes are sparkling and for an instant i thought as though he is looking at me intently.I must say that you have captured a superb snap of this guy.

  19. I’ve had a toad just like this come in my yard twice this past summer. Never seen them before. Unfortunately, I didn’t capture any decent photos of it. I have no idea what the little guy would eat though. There’s not any body of water nearby, but there was some decent shade.

  20. William Miller says:

    I don’t like toads though the picture is professional – national geographic)

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