Albuquerque Airport

Back to the archives. A couple of photos from my recent trip to New Mexico taken at the Albuquerque airport. It looked really hot outside, but it wasn’t. Nice, but not hot. :)

I would have liked the second image more if it hadn’t been zoomed in so much – just a little too much telephoto, I think.


  1. So I guess no security people approached you while you were standing in the airport shooting with a tele lens? :)

    • Surprisingly… no. I always travel with my camera, and have taken to shooting in airports frequently. So far, I’ve not been asked to stop shooting even once.

  2. In the second picture would be nice to have some more space in front of the plane.
    But I like first one.

    • I couldn’t agree more – the second one definitely needs more space in front of the plane.

      • Definitely agree. In college, I took a bunch of photography classes. As my professor used to say- your image shouldn’t look like it’s running off the page.

        • James Moralde says:

          Maybe the lack of space in front of the plane forces the mind to see the smoking wheels …and why. It’s slowing down and wouldn’t want to run off the page because this obviously is a landing and not a take-off. :)

  3. Although in the first picture, you’ve managed to make it look scorching hot out somehow. When I was in Arizona in January, I was sun-bathing. Only in the Southwest can you really do that.

  4. # 1 fan says:

    Nice :) Coming or going?

    You should take seasonal pictures: Contrast the spring, summer, fall, and winter browns, tans, beiges, etc
    That way, you’d have to fly out more often. lol

    A couple of odd names for SW, land locked airports: Phoenix is Sky Harbor, ABQ is Sun Port. Go figure.

  5. I do like the clarity of the smoke, though. Like here in Los Angeles, I’m sure you couldn’t have gotten that clear of an image from all the lovely smog we have.

  6. Gill aka Fairy Nuff says:

    Love the first shot!

  7. Me too!!! I love the first shot… is just so gorgeous ….What camera did you use??

  8. James, both these shots remind me of Koyaanisqatsi – have you seen this film? If not, I think you would enjoy it.

  9. too much.

  10. Very inspiring. Love these shots!

  11. Airports and planes are great places to take photo and unfortunatelly often it’s not allowed to do this, but rules are made to be broken right? Second photo is really nice but as you said, could be there more space, but still good one.

  12. I like it but your right the second plane needs more room maybe a panoramic shot would have been better.

  13. Hi,
    The second picture is looking more good than first but it didn’t shows the situations perfectly.


  14. Liewilyn Baynosa says:

    Cool shot. Very awesome. Hope I can do this on runways in manila :D

  15. I like both the shots! Whenever I take pictures out of the airplane window, I always get spots in the pictures. I don’t know if it’s from my lens or the dirty window. You caught the Southwest airplane at the right moment with the brake smoke. The airplane hasn’t fully touched down in the front yet either. Nice.

    • It’s hard to get good shots from an airplane window. I’ve managed it once or twice, but usually not.

      These were taken from the airport, where the glass was much cleaner.

  16. Nice shots! I haven’t been to New Mexico before, but that’s a great shot of the desert!

  17. I enjoyed my trip to NM last year. However, I thought I would be used to the hot weather and I wasn’t prepared for the temperatures that it hit. How did you like it there?

    • I like Albuquerque. I lived there for six years. New Mexico changed the way I look at food forever… green chili makes dining rooms a better place to be.

      What part of NM did you visit?

  18. I love the first shot it looks hot, and simple. How come you got a shot on that airplane in the new Mexico airport where it is restricted to do it, well actually, all in all you made a good shot and very impressive!

  19. While the plane in the second image is truly awesome to look at, for some reason I really enjoyed the first shot more. I think it’s just looking at that giant, vast amount of space, empty and silent just moments before a signature of mankinds evolution lands right down on it! :)

  20. Really nice shots. I always wanted to make such. Maybe, one day..

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