My name is James Lee. I’m an MBA, a Six Sigma Black Belt, a certified industrial statistician, customer service specialist, and an semi-pro photographer. The site says “photography / journal”, which means I write journal entries, but mostly, share photos here. My life focus is on customers, and the experience they get from the companies they do business with. On the side, I love photography.

I hail from Chester, a town in rural New Hampshire. The people I’ve met here are intelligent, driven, and tend to be fiercely independent. I am doing what I can to live up to the town and the state’s motto, “Live free or die.” I’m working on the live free part, feeling that the rest can wait for much, much later.

I started blogging here because I needed to learn about it for a job. I didn’t really have a lot I wanted to talk about here, so the blog stumbled about a bit. My career has lead to knowledge on business, statistics, and customer service, so I tried my hand at writing on these topics. I also know a bit about looking for work, so that was a theme at first, too. In the end, the message was muddled, impersonal, and frankly, not very interesting.

Later I reconnected with my love of photography. I took my first lesson when I was a child – probably six or seven. When I decided to start taking photography a little more seriously, I started posting here.

At this point, the blog has become more of a journal than anything, and I’m using a collection of shutters to chronicle some of what I experience. Sometimes the photos are me learning to take pictures, but hopefully there’s a fair share of me actually capturing images that evoke a response. I hope you enjoy your time viewing my site, and that you’ll leave a message on any of the photos that pique your interest, or reach me through my contact form.

Legal notices

  • Analytics: If you’re not aware, pretty much every web site on the planet uses some form of analytics to track what you’re doing. Scary, right? The bad news: this site is no different.The good news? I’m not trying to take your money.Don’t get me wrong… if you want to buy a photo, I’m happy to sell it to you. Oh, and I have ads on the site, too. Guess what! If you click an ad, I get some money. A few cents, most of the time, but I still profit. It might take me five years, but I’m going to take that money and buy a new lens for my camera.I digress. The analytics that track that you clicked on the home page, then viewed a particular photo… things like that. It tells me which photos are more interesting than others. I can’t tell who you are, what you do for a living, or who you voted for in the last election. It’s pretty basic, and I don’t every share information about you with other parties.
  • Affiliate links are part of the Internets. Specifically, I occasionally recommend goods or services. For example, I use the Tamron AF 28-75mm f/2.8 SP XR Di LD Aspherical (IF) with Built-In AF Motor for Nikon Digital SLR Cameras in a lot of my photography. I love that lens. I think it’s the best buy a new photographer (with a Nikon camera) can make. If you click that link and buy it from Amazon, a small percentage of the purchase price goes to me.How much? About $90 U.S. over the last three years, or eight cents a day (don’t worry, I won’t quit my day job).
  • The social media icons I use are provided by Komodo Media (everything but the 500px, which I did myself). These icons are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported License… which is good, because I modified them to gray scale. If you want the color versions, find them here. If you like the 3×3 floating configuration, drop me a line and we’ll talk about how I coded this.


I probably hate spam as much as you do. I ask for your email address when you comment, but I don’t share it with anyone… ever.

That’s pretty much it. Reality check: if you click an ad on this site, I make a few coins. I know, not surprising, but I’m erring on the side of caution so I spell it out in detail. These terms of service may change from time to time, so if you care, please review them before you comment. I’m sure I didn’t think of everything, but I’m a human, and not one who went to law school. Have a question? Ask. The Web can be scary. Use at your own risk.


Love and safe journeys,