a Better Mouse Trap

When faced with a mouse problem, you want a trap that will work. By work, I mean it will close when a mouse comes on it. This trap, by Tomcat, is not it.

To my animal loving friends, apologies that the little mouse that was stealing food had to die… but that’s the way it is. Be glad you’re human, have a larger brain, and opposable thumbs.

To the rest of you who want to know my thoughts on these traps. Never buy a Tomcat. What a waste. In a controlled study with four traps and four mice, these traps were properly set and baited with chunky peanut butter on five occasions. Four traps times five occasions is twenty opportunities to catch a mouse. Twenty times, a mouse came up to the trap and ate all the peanut butter without being caught.

Enter the better mousetrap from Ortho. Not only does the swing arm have some very intimidating teeth, the bait is more recessed on a much more sensitive trigger arm. There was no way a mouse was going to eat the peanut butter off of this thing and walk away, and with one trap, I caught a mouse on the first try.

I am officially a big fan of the Ortho product, and highly endorse it.

Tomcat’s trap, on the other hand, is a waste of your money.


  1. James Moralde says:

    Well, aesthetically, it looks cool. I guess it would at least look good on a clothesline.

  2. Mouse traps make me feel sad and frustrated because I like mice, they just cannot go running about where we live and work due to health risks. That being said, I believe the Muffinator 3000 is the best mouse trap available. I believe he would agree if we asked him.

  3. Ray Jasper Palmer says:

    that’s pretty cool trap there. but it won’t work here in the philippines, you see our rats are even bigger than a cat, it was really gross and nasty. Our pet dog love to chase them, because they’re stealing our dog foods. LoL

  4. Did you put the trap outside ? Because if you didn’t, that would mean that you would have had to pick up the trap with the dead mouse in it….

  5. Michelle says:

    LOL nicely written. I have to say I am sold on your recommended mouse trap. Although sometimes I feel sorry for the rodent, but when he eats my nachos he has to die!

  6. LOL, Michelle.

    Sophie, yes, I had to move the mouse trap for this photo.

  7. That’s totally gruesome. But you have to do what you have to do. You write very well for a photographer James. Keep up the good work. cheers!

  8. The old style mouse traps are pretty gruesome to look at and not so nice to clean up! I much prefer the electronic way now. Great photo all the same!


  9. Oh wow, I cannot you took a picture of it. I wouldn’t even dare to touch it lol That’s the most fancy moustrap I’ve seen. I need to get some of these for my house. Thanks.


  10. Was a time I would have felt sorry for the mouse in the picture. But since they destroyed my upholstered garden-chairs in the garage last winter I’ve become a bit tougher on the little critters. I like the look of the Tomcat but now will I try the Ortho on your recommendation.

  11. James, I wish would have seen this before I bought the Tomcat. Two nights, two traps emptied the next morning! I have two Ortho traps sitting here like you have pictured. I am hoping for great results tonight.

  12. Good luck, Pete. I continue to do well with the Ortho traps, and continue to be impressed with their success rate.

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