One of the lambs now living at J & F Farms. They sound almost fake when they “baaaaaaaaaah” at you.



These things have become the bane of my existence. They’re pretty bad near my house this year. Anyone have a good idea on how to get rid of them? This image used a technique called focus stacking. I took the photo with a macro lens, and got really close to the mosquito (it was on the […]

Spring Fern


A fern unfolds in this photo.

Araucana chick


This is Charlie. She’s an Araucana chick, about one week old in this photo. She and her two nest-mates (another Auracana named Pete Mitchell and a Welles Sommer named Ramekin) will stop being cute in another week or two. Time is of the essence! What kind of “cute chick” photos should I be taking? The opportunity […]

Hammer and Nails

hammer and nails

You’ve seen me post photos of chickens. As of last Friday, we had six. 5 ISA browns and a Barred Rock. They’re a bit destructive, so we had to keep them in their little chicken yard (they tear the grass in the lawn up looking for snacks). Last weekend we expanded their yard with an extra […]

Stone Wall

Stone Wall

I don’t know what you see here, but to me, it’s pretty obvious that the rocks for this wall were quarried from different locations. That doesn’t mean I’m right, but it sure looks that way.

Icicles forming


I took a couple hundred photos of some icicles forming about three weeks ago. Here are two that I really liked. Hope you enjoy! Why so many photos, you might ask? Even with a camera with fast shutter speed, getting the shot with a drop of water less than an inch away from the icicle […]

What is IT?


About two years ago, as part of the monthly photography scavenger hunt I participate in, we were asked to take a photo to represent the phrase, “This is it.” It was just after the Michael Jackson film of the same name came out. I wandered the streets of Manchester, taking various photos of the letters […]

Candle Flame


I like taking pictures of fire and smoke. Maybe because fire is analogous to life. The way it moves and feeds. Perhaps I just like the patterns fire makes. Maybe because answering the question, “What is a flame?“, is so hard.   (How’s my punctuation on that last sentence? No time to look it up […]



A photo of a vase I encountered on a family vacation, and its contents’ shadows.