Happy New Year

dancing light

Dance party! Wait ’til after dark and give a bunch of people glowing bracelets and necklaces, then start to snap photos. Fun, fun! Happy New Year!

Snow Puppy


Here’s a photo of a dog from Tennessee – enjoying her first winter as she plays in the snow.



A photo of a red level – maybe eight inches of the device, which in actuality stretches to four feet. It’s my favorite level.

Merry Christmas

oh, Christmas tree

From my home to yours, wishing you a very Merry Christmas.

…and if your creed calls for another blessing, my best to you on a lovely day.

Action Figure

action figure

Superhero in mismatched rubber boots with a picnic blanket cape. Livin’ large childhood. She can fly – can you?

frozen bubbles


These shots are from a few nights ago, when the ice first started to freeze over. These little trails of bubbles were frozen into the ice, which is about two inches thick in these images. I put the camera on a tripod way down low next to the ice, then lit the shot with a […]

Candle Carousel

candle carousel

A photo of a candle carousel… at least, the top portion that makes all the movement take place.



Bodega Elena de Mendoza is one of the finest red wines I’ve had in a very long time, and for less than $15 a bottle.

Backyard Ice Rink

Wading In

138 board feet of lumber, a mutt, a pair of rubber boots, two used billboards fused into a tarp, and twenty tons of water. In this photo, I am wading in to clear out branches that fell in the ice rink prior to it freezing over. That was this morning. Now there’s almost an inch […]

Guest Post: Shooting the Moon


Here’s a guest post with some information on how to take great moon shots. To start with – you need a long lens. This was taken with a 300 mm lens, and it’s still not the most detailed image ever. I think something in the 600 mm range probably works best. Other specs on this […]