Flowers and Bees In Flight

I took a few shots of bees buzzing around some flowers this summer on a trip to Virginia, and for some reason, haven’t posted them yet. Here are a couple photos that I thought turned out well. My tips for taking photos of flying insects? Take lots and lots of pictures Use a smaller aperture, […]


I’m not one of these guys that will go out with a squirt bottle to add little drops of water to flowers before I take their pictures… but when it rained a couple weeks ago, I went looking for interesting things to shoot, and I liked the way the water was dripping from the hydrangeas […]

Purple Flowers

I took this shot at the J & F Farm. We had stopped for tomatoes and carrots, but ended up wandering by where they grow their flowers, too. I was pleased with the focus on the subject, and the nice bokeh behind it.


We’ve seen this photo before, but something always draws me in to photos through enclosed spaces, so I took a couple quick shots when I walked by some large drainage pipes being used for a project in my town.

Nemesis: Beetle

A photo of one of the beetles that is terrorizing my garden. I hope the chickens think these things are tasty!


Two photos of dragonflies taken in southern New Hampshire, one macro, one not.

Still Life with Pears

A photo of seven pears on a black background, this image was inspired by an oil painting with similar subject matter.

So long, and thanks for all the pollen

A bee flies away from purple flowers where it just dined.


Today’s Guest Post brought to you by Mui Tsun Photography: Daffodil

Lean to the Light

A group of seedlings lean to the light in this photo.