Let there be Lighting

I had my camera with me for one of the sessions at the conference a couple weeks ago (we were receiving an award, so I wanted to grab a photo). Played around a bit and grabbed this shot while we were waiting to get started. In that morning’s session, Recycled Percussion performed to get the […]

Light at the end of the tunnel

Part of Boston’s public transit system. Photo of a subway train on approach.

Candle Carousel

A photo of a candle carousel… at least, the top portion that makes all the movement take place.

Post Office Boxes

A row of post office boxes in this photo. I like the way the lines of the boxes created a pleasing perspective in this shot.

Bricks and Flour

The signs painted on older brick buildings fade over time, and that’s when they start to take on a character of their own.

Riding the Claw

Do you like the scary rides at your local or state fair? How about at the amusement park? Looking at these photos gives me pause…

Remix II

The Remix II is the subject of this fair / ride photo. It’s a long exposure shot to capture the trails of lights.

Happy Labor Day

Wishing you an excellent day – whether you’re in the US and it’s Labor Day, or your somewhere else on the globe. Cheers!

Life’s Short

Life’s short. Drive a Subaru Naked.

Actually, don’t.

Under Construction

Regular readers will take a look around and notice that there is a LOT different. I’ve updated the site, and still have additional customizations planned… but that’s all part of the CSS file, and won’t impact the content you find here (translation: I will make some of the fonts look different, but the site will stay the same).