Let there be Lighting

I had my camera with me for one of the sessions at the conference a couple weeks ago (we were receiving an award, so I wanted to grab a photo). Played around a bit and grabbed this shot while we were waiting to get started. In that morning’s session, Recycled Percussion performed to get the […]



If you’re in the northern hemisphere like me, you’re less than two weeks from summer. Took this photo of a rainbow umbrella at a local ice cream stand.

Blue Skies


From a recent walk-about in Boston. Haven’t seen a blue sky in several days, so I’m thumbing through the photo archives to get some sunshine.

Painting the sun room

painting the sunroom

Photo of a girl painting the sun room.

Earth Day 2011

Earth Day

A photo in celebration of Earth Day 2011.

A Light in the Attic


A photo somewhat inspired by Shel Silverstein’s book of the same name.

Dog Art

Dog Art

A photo from the world famous burger joint where Bobby Flay lost a green chili cheese burger cook-off. Don’t get me wrong, the burger was good… but I think Bobby got ripped off by biased local judges.

Can you hear me now?


Nothing so important about today’s post. I just liked the way the ridges turned out in the cone of this speaker, so I’m sharing the image.

Perfection (again)


From a photographer’s point of view, the appeal to the game Perfection is in trying to snap the photo when all the pieces are in the air.

Pins and Needle

Pins and Needle

I like the way this one turned out, but I think it would have benefited from tripod treatment instead of being hand held.