Buttons and Bows


A phrase you might hear to indicate a little girl in fancy dress, in this photo my models are all buttons & bows, but of a different sort.

Action Figure

action figure

Superhero in mismatched rubber boots with a picnic blanket cape. Livin’ large childhood. She can fly – can you?

Backyard Ice Rink

Wading In

138 board feet of lumber, a mutt, a pair of rubber boots, two used billboards fused into a tarp, and twenty tons of water. In this photo, I am wading in to clear out branches that fell in the ice rink prior to it freezing over. That was this morning. Now there’s almost an inch […]

Hearing Protection

Hearing Protection

If you’re gonna do it yourself, you’re going to want to do it right… and that includes protecting your hearing. Check out the ear protection from Ryobi…

Grave Stone

The cemetery in Chester is historic due to its age (for this part of the world, at least), though we did find a couple new residents from as recently as 2007. This stone’s name and date is completely worn away by the elements.

Pumpkins Bounce

flying pumpkin

What’s more fun than carving nine jack-o-lanterns with power tools? Throwing them out the window after Halloween!

Self Portrait

Kissy kissy!

I had a lot of fun getting ready for this self portrait, and would have been disappointed in the results if not for the power of Adobe’s Lightroom software to really punch the contrast in this last installment of Black and White week.

Toilet Paper

Toilet Paper

Black and White Week on j.ronald.lee brings you a photo of Creature Comforts. Specifically… toilet paper? Yup. Toilet paper.

International Space Station


All it took was a little knowledge, a tripod, a camera, and an alarm clock. Here are several shots I took of the International Space Station this morning from my back yard as it flew by.

Riding the Claw

Do you like the scary rides at your local or state fair? How about at the amusement park? Looking at these photos gives me pause…