Remembering on Memorial Day, 2009

I’m not sure how I feel about the phrase, “Happy Memorial Day.” Not in the way it turns your head if someone says Merry Thanksgiving or Happy Christmas; I’m just not sure the day was meant to be focused on happiness. It’s about the rememberance of military personnel who fell in service to their country. […]

Just Add Rototiller

At our house, we like to say we can do anything with a trained monkey and a roll of duct tape. Kind of like MacGyver with an attitude (or maybe after he’s had one too many?). Today, all we needed was Hugh and a rototiller.  

Genetic Marker Testing?

At $3,000 for the first test, genetic marker screening for breast cancer is an expensive endeavor. Do you want your insurance company to pay for this? What happens if the results come back positive?