Still Life with Pears

A photo of seven pears on a black background, this image was inspired by an oil painting with similar subject matter.

There be Eggs Here!

A photo of our first eggs. We have six free range chickens, and as of this week, they’re old enough to start laying. Huzzah!

Summertime Peas

One of my favorite things about summer? Fresh peas! They’re so good!

Coffee Beans

Photograph of coffee beans. Who here wants a cup of java? I could use one!

Happy Valentine’s Day

The photo above? This ridiculous heart shaped foo-foo donut now being served at Dunkin Donuts. Cream filled and covered with heart shaped jimmies.

Dutch oven chicken and vegetables

Here’s an amazing dutch oven recipe inspired by Dorie Greenspan. You should buy her book.

Alien invasion

A black and white photo of an alien invasion.

Or Clementine orange peels. One of the two, I’m sure of it.

Let me eat cake

A photo of red velvet cake (purchased at Costco). Do you like red velvet cake? This one was delicious.

It’s a…what?

The dog said it was delicious, but the rest of us thought this pop-over looked an awful lot like a miniature skull.


Bodega Elena de Mendoza is one of the finest red wines I’ve had in a very long time, and for less than $15 a bottle.