November Fungus

We went walking in the woods this weekend, and I brought my camera along. Luckly, I brought my flash, too. In this shot, I held it in my left hand as far away from me as possible when I took the picture, and set the camera to underexpose the image slightly. I like the way […]

New England Spring

It’s a long winter. Photo from the first days of “spring” in New England.

Night Sky

Today’s entry to Black and White week brings us an image of the night sky – but no stars. See how black and white processing can make a misty evening seem more dramatic.

Winter Storm

A photograph of the snow falling on the trees in a clearing in the woods. Looks cold – refreshing on a hot day.

My first star trails

My first attempt at capturing star trails.

Trees in the night

My first attempt at some long exposure night time photography. This one is a 30 second exposure of snow covered trees.

Apple trees in the mist

Something I pass every day on the way to work turned magical this morning.