I snapped this photo of stenciled letters off of a passenger car on a vintage steam locomotive train. I’m not sure what significance the letters are supposed to have, but I thought they made for a nice image. …and since it’s been a week since I took a photo, I dug through my archives to […]


Today’s shot is another train photo from West Virginia. I was able to step just a little further back, and in spite of these gears size, captured a nice cross section of the rusting metal. It’s an interesting tourist attraction, but the engineer mind in me wanted to know how much it was worth if […]

Toothy Maw

I had the macro lens on my camera when I came across this old railroad equipment, and I couldn’t step far enough back to get a shot that showed much more than this. These gears are about four feet around, or just over a meter from one side to the other. I think it turned […]

Light at the end of the tunnel

Part of Boston’s public transit system. Photo of a subway train on approach.