Dog in the Surf

We took Abigail to the beach a couple weeks ago to try ocean fetch, and she absolutely loved it. I was surprised at how warm the water was. After Labor Day, you just don’t see people jumping in the ocean in New England. Still, I walked in the low waters, and it felt good.

Sand, Ocean, Sky, Sun

A winter time photo from the beach in New Hampshire – earth, sky, water, fire… all in one picture.

Brown Pelicans Hunting

Not just synchronized pelicans… I have photos of hunting pelicans. Click the pic to see ’em!

Ocracoke Sunrise

Three photos of Ocracoke’s lonely beach at sunrise.

Atlantic View

The last of the photos from the Rascal, Captain Norm’s fishing boat.

More Brown Pelicans

If you clean your fish at the dock, a group of brown pelicans will come and beg for scraps.


Photos of a pod of dolphins that we encountered on our fishing excursion off the coast of Ocracoke Island.

Brown Pelicans over the Sea

Photograph of two brown pelicans on top of a ferry lane marker.

Time on my Hands

An hourglass without the glass, perhaps?