Gray Tree Frog (hyla versicolor)

This is a photo of a gray tree frog, or hyla versicolor. Available to purchase at Getty Images.

Lost Sock

I hate it when one gets left behind…

Couch Couple

Do you know anyone who wears socks? I got a hot tip for you…


Plastic fantastic! From the depths of time, a veggie eater in the plants.

Who’s watching whom?

Muffet and Sumo watch the vermin through the window.

Walk on water

What’s that crazy businessman doing taking a stroll on the lake?


Simple still life of wedding rings.


Bratwurst and a meat grinder. And a manicure, too.

Up Early for a Saturday

Ice crystals shine through the window on a Saturday morning.

Love for sale

Yoda is a three year old pointer mix at the Lowell Humane Society.