Evolution is for quitters

Edit: I am leaving the original post below because it frames the conversation nicely… but this is NOT a tick (thanks, ADobson, for the heads up). It’s a pseudo-scorpion. Who knew? Not me! Yes, it’s a tick. Millions of years of evolution, and they haven’t really changed. These creepy crawlies have been doing it the […]

ISA Brown

One of the girls – a photo of an ISO Brown chicken from the flock that roams my property.


Pictures of mama duck and some of her babies.

Brown Pelicans over the Sea

Photograph of two brown pelicans on top of a ferry lane marker.

Optimator Spaten

Photo of the delicious Optimator Spaten from Munich, Germany, purchased at Bert’s Better Beers in Hooksett, NH

Like a frog in a pot…

No frogs were harmed in the taking of this photo.


What’s next to your couch? We have green chilis. And tomatoes.

Tiny Snake

Four photos of a very small snake, we called it “Lucky.”

Get off the phone!

Ever wish you could do this with your phone? Then press… hard?

Sock Monkey

Gomez the sock monkey is ready for his close up.