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Interactions 2011Thanks to everyone who attended today’s (April 2011) session. As we discussed, the macro in the spreadsheet below is designed for use in a 4.x environment.

You can download the 4.x document here: adherence-macro. Here’s where you can download the presentation.

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  1. Amazing tool… but i believe there are issues with 4.10… the report doesnt end at X, it ends at column Y when pasting into A1… I don’t see obvious changes in the VB. Hoping we have an updated macro out there.

    • Hi, Jeff, unfortunately I don’t have an update on the macro; it’s a little more than four years out of date now, and I no longer have access to the software (career change).

      The macro in question is Create_Adherence_Entries. If you look at the code, you can see there are places where it’s looking for markers in column C (e.g., “Agent:” , “Date:”, “AUX”, “Logon”, “Unstaffed”, and “Total”). When it’s finding these markers, it looks in other columns for values.

      If Range(“c7”).Offset(i, 0).Value = “AUX” And TotalMarker = 0 Then
      That means we’re in a row with AUX data. It’s finding data in columns f, h, j, and i directly after this.

      To update the macro to match your output, you’ll need to match where the report export is landing on your spreadsheet and update accordingly.

      Does that help?


      • It does. I actually solved it Sunday. Modified to focus on open time Adherence, my MUs Aux codes etc. The biggest fail to start was range a:x when it’s now a:y. Thanks for the tool!

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