Buy bp

Would you eat shrimp from the Gulf?

Memorial Day

Thank you. You know who you are…

Full Service, We Deliver

A Burlington, MA store advertises full service, we deliver… funerals?

Clock Tower

Taken at The North Church in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, this photo is part of the church’s steeple.

Freeway Photography

A couple pictures of buildings in Boston taken from a moving vehicle. No, I wasn’t driving.

Freelance Whales in Boston

See a slide show of a couple dozen images from the Freelance Whales’ show in Waltham on Saturday.

Sculptures at the Louvre

A photo of one of the sculpture halls at the Musee Du Louvre in Paris, France.

US Health Care Reform

Click here to read more about health care reform in the US.

Still no power

I drive by this sign every day. Every day, the date is progressed by one day. These people are surrounded by homes with power, but they are doing without.

Making Waves after the NHwind2010 event

A Chevy truck goes where it is not really supposed to go…