Tap-tap… is this thing on?


Testing. One, two. One, two. Check. Check.

It’s working? Yes? Can you hear me in the back?

I’ve been away for a while. How are things? How have you been? Did you miss the photos?

I think everyone who runs a blog comes to a point where they reevaluate what they’re doing, why they’re doing it, and whether they want to continue doing it. I think to have that conversation, you have to look back to where it all began. For me, this blog started because I knew I needed to learn how to be a decent blogger. It was part of my responsibilities at work, and I felt like I needed the practice. I bought a domain name, uploaded WordPress, and started typing.

I quickly figured out that I was blogging too much. Too much writing about work things during the day, then not really having a passion for the types of things I was trying to write about at home. That’s a sure sign of a blog headed for failure… start by doing it because you need practice, then follow up by not being 100% engaged in the topics you’re writing about. It was boring. I was bored. If you were around way back then, you were bored, too.

After a while, I started posting photos. Then I bought a better camera so I could take better photos. I started surfing the Web, looking for people who could teach me how to take better photos. I took a lot of pictures… bought some more lenses, a flash, some books, and kept shooting. Over and over. Critical of my own work. Inviting other people to be critical of my work. Sharing here. Sharing on Flickr. I started getting better. Then, one day, a gym was looking for a photo to use in some promotional material, saw this photo, and offered me money if they could use it. A hobby that makes money? I’m hooked now!

Towards the end of last year, with a lot of very complicated distractions vying for my attention, the camera was pushed to the background. First one week passed, then another. A month. Two months. More… and today I find myself wondering what’s in store for this Web site. I’ve learned that I will be hard pressed to turn my photography hobby into a profitable enterprise. The time demands that would be required to do so are simply more than I can give. I have a career already, and this isn’t it.

So I’m contemplating the future. Do I keep this site up, or do I shut it down? I have a Flickr account. I can share pictures on Facebook. It’s not like I need to put in this effort, too. I don’t know the answers yet, but I thought I’d post this so when you come by, you’ll see that for now, at least, I’m still here.




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