Color Me Rad, Boston 2012

Want to know how Color Me Rad works? You’ve come to the right place. First, you must have your race ticket. No ticket? No color.

Ticket to Run

The dress code is casual… but you do need enough fabric to attach your number.

bum squad

That said, most people choose a fresh white outfit for the race.

fresh start

Once out on the course, though, the volunteers of the color bomb squad make all that change.

getting bombed

Here’s the “race” leader… no prizes, no clock, he just got be be in front of the pack.

Color Me Rad Boston's winner

When all is said and done, the racers gather up for a final “color burst.”


Pretty much everyone there had a good time. If Color Me Rad is coming to your town, I’d consider giving it a shot.

Color Me Rad Runners


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