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Hammer and Nails

hammer and nails

You’ve seen me post photos of chickens. As of last Friday, we had six. 5 ISA browns and a Barred Rock. They’re a bit destructive, so we had to keep them in their little chicken yard (they tear the grass in the lawn up looking for snacks). Last weekend we expanded their yard with an extra hundred feet of fencing, so now they can run around part of the forest eating bugs.

After the work was done, the hammer and some nails were sitting on the front porch, and I grabbed a photo while I was tooling around with my camera.


  1. Joseph says:

    Hammer looks like an old guy with some more energy left to fightback the game! Super one Lee. Your photography is super sensational!

  2. Jerrah says:

    Definitely just simple yet very unique ones.. I just love how you got this shot here.. Thanks for the inspiration..

  3. I like the rusty part of the hammer. It gives the retro look

  4. The retro feeling just rocks! I loved your photo a lot!!

  5. Very retro feeling & also look the way it is placed! I 1st thought it is a photo frame! 😀

  6. # 1 fan says:

    that hammer does look like a family heirloom… ??
    AND I kept thinking there would be a pic of the super moon from last Sat… ???
    or your foot, lol!
    you should travel back to the SW for May 20 annular solar eclipse, it’s being hyped up as gonna be awesome, a photog’s dream.

    • Not an heirloom, but a gift from my father.

      The weather didn’t cooperate for super moon photos ’round here. As for my post-surgical foot, the photos aren’t really something I want to share!

      I will be laid up the weekend of the 20th, unfortunately.

  7. Rizza Mae says:

    Keep up the great work! The pic looks great. Did you already finish expanding the chicken yard? Anyway, thanks for sharing this post. Good luck with your job!

  8. Dieta Para Engordar says:

    Lindo seu trabalho, suas fotos são incríveis. Parabéns!

  9. HeyLiked the photo a lot..The hammer surely has a retro look to it.

  10. Its amazing how something so basic as a rusty hammer can be made to look so amazing… I love the story about the chickens. I used to work for a chicken farmer as a kid and it brought back many memories. They’re pretty cute while they are young, very fuzzy and chirpy as I recall. Then they get big and a bit smelly right?….

  11. This photo is really beautiful..Simple but its really unique..Thanks for sharing..

    • Kate Brown says:

      Hammer really signifies strength and power. It can strike strongly and powerful. It can also signifies a character almost like of those men out there.

  12. Love the contrast of textures in this one.

  13. Marshall says:

    it reminds me of my grandpa who used to carry a hammer at home for various hammering works! This is so fascinating!

  14. It didn’t impress me much. It looks like these equipment’s are of a very hardworking man and the hammer is with him since many years because it is rusted and looks quite old. I can imagine, the man must be around 60 years of age and he still feels he is strong enough to earn his livelihood peacefully.

  15. Jenny said, “It didn’t impress me much.”

    So hard to come by an opinion such as this. I’m glad you stopped by, and spoke your mind. Please come again!

    As for the age of the hammer’s owner, I’m only about 2/3 of the way to the age assessment. 😉

  16. Stephen says:

    Beautiful still photo! I love your photography in which you make simple picture look more stylish and lively. I love the placement of hammer and nails it looks so clear. The rusty hammer with fine pointed nails is looking good. It’s an awesome piece of photo.

  17. Kimme Lanson says:

    According to me In my life if the tool I have is a hammer, then I tend to see every problem as a nail.The photography is wonderful.I believe your mouth is your hammer and your words are your nails.The words must be so sharp as the tip of the nail and these words add a great value to life.

  18. Purnima says:

    Hi. I liked the photography . Hammer symbolizes strength and force . And this force gives it the strength to counter every obstacle with ease. In the photography hammer is rusted and looks a bit worn out but does not fail to exhibit its power. Wonderful piece of photo.

  19. Jason Clarke says:

    That is a beautiful shot. I love your photography very much. Which camera do you use?

  20. Richard L. Hudson says:

    Hammer looks like very old but its a good picture.

  21. Pedro Mega Sena says:

    nossa, suas fotos são impressionantes! ta de parabéns pelo belíssimo trabalho!

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