Icicles forming


I took a couple hundred photos of some icicles forming about three weeks ago. Here are two that I really liked. Hope you enjoy!


Why so many photos, you might ask? Even with a camera with fast shutter speed, getting the shot with a drop of water less than an inch away from the icicle it just fell from is a feat of timing. That, and the camera is so close to the icicles, the depth of field for the focus is very shallow, so I had to have a fast shutter, tight aperture, and very good timing to get the shot. More often than not, the water droplet was either attached to the icicle or just outside of the frame. Most of these shots had to be deleted because the timing is so hard.

The reflection in the water drops is that of the trees across the yard – the reflection is upside down due to how the light refracts in the water drop.

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