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A photo of a vase I encountered on a family vacation, and its contents’ shadows.


  1. It was real pleasure to discover this blog. Maybe you’d like to place a banner on my blogroll? How can I contact you on private?

  2. Charmagn says:

    What camera are you using here?

  3. This is one stunning picture. The shadows in the wall are really the best part it gives depth to the photo.

  4. What i like about your photography skills is that, you can make anything as your subject. And this Vase was captured perfectly.

  5. Such a great shots again James, you captured very well the vase and the shadows too.

  6. Samantha says:

    Nice kind of vase..Thanks for sharing this to us..

  7. Simply Beautiful, Everything is perfect in the picture Background, light and focus. Your techniques are really awesome, I really loved it. I’m Pretty curious to see your next blog.

  8. Cool photo. Definitely not you most interesting shot lol but still pretty cool. The flowers are interesting looking though, I think the one in the back that’s out of focus really adds the depth that makes this shot.

    • Karen I agree this is not the most interesting photo I’ve taken in the last year. Still, I wanted to post it because it’s one that I like the shadows on and the depth of focus. Thanks again for stopping by.

  9. Jerry Sinclair says:

    This is a lovely photograph. I love the framing and color composition very much.

    Good job. Keep it up.


  10. Ma.Dharess says:

    Hi James…This makes me realize how amateur I am in photography…I hope i can have a beautiful photo as well…

  11. Its a great kind of photograph I like visiting your site because it has a lot kind of photography..Thanks for sharing this post to us..

  12. Geraldine T. says:

    What the name of the flowers on the vase? I love the color blue. Perfect angle there.


  13. For me this is your best shot. There’s not really much going on but it still works really well. I love the texture of the wall and that blue on the flowers is fantastic. I’ll be keeping an eye on your blog!

  14. I really love color blue, especially when it the forms of a flower.. SO lovely and beautiful in my eyes, I want to have it and include in my flower collection at my garden…

  15. Franco Gonzalez says:

    Great use of shadows on the picture. I love it.

    Is there anywhere we can order prints from your collection? I would really love to see some of these pictures on my wall.

  16. Great shot James! you captured it perfectly and the shadow is the depth that makes this shot unique. Thanks for the post and keep up the good work.

  17. Miriam Born says:

    Its a beautiful kind of vase..I will buy this I’m sure its good in our home..Thanks for sharing this good shot..

  18. This is really beautiful, you have captured the beautiful angle of the vase…:)

  19. Thanks for sharing this nice photo..I really appreciate this..

  20. Steffanie says:

    This is perfect capture of vase! I want to get a shot just like this too…It looks really simple but very elegant too…

  21. Marvalous color selection of vase and flowers.Its a beautiful addition to my room, this contemporary flower vase with unique design is sure to give a mesmerizing look to my space. It’s a wonderful photograph.Looking at this picture,I would wish to buy one such vase and gift it to my mother.

  22. I really love to have flowers of different kinds and colors around me may it be my home or in office. It just gives you a soothing feeling and freshens up the atmosphere. The moment I saw your picture, I just thought of purchasing another vase for my home. I would like to know which flowers are kept in the vase in your picture as they look extremely beautiful. Overall a great selection and an amazing click.

  23. I love your website.
    I am a wedding photographer from athens, greece and i love your photos.

  24. I love blue flowers….that’s a beautiful photo.

  25. What a great shot, this lovable blue flowers and vase is a perfect photo, beautiful angle is captured… I love photography and I want this kind of capture…

  26. Rossalie says:

    This looks really perfect shot! I have never seen like this before…

  27. What a beautiful photo. That vase reminds me of one my grandma always used to use.

  28. this so nice and I like it.
    thanks that you shared this.
    great job. it’s beautiful.

  29. Photography is lovely beautiful, recently I am studying the field of photography because I want to captured an excellent angle of every beautiful spot… Just like this photo of a vase, I want also to collect this kind…

  30. Jane Johnson says:

    I am not an artist nor a photographer but I like beautiful things and those flowers are lovely…like ’em.

  31. I don’t know much about photography, but the picture looks perfect, there is a famous saying by Ansel Adams “You don’t take a photograph, you make it.” and this saying is totally meant for this image. Pretty curious to see more pictures of yours.

  32. A picture perfect shot… Shadows make it look more natural… Great photography art..

  33. Joseph M. Sharpless says:

    What a great shot, It looks really simple but very elegant too. I would like to see some of these pictures…Thanks for sharing this to us..A picture perfect shot

  34. ShirleyFai says:

    Well for me, this looks really simple…I want to see more of your shots and make sure it will be like perfect one that it can inspire more people…

  35. It might be easier, but more costly, just to make another one like it, or else find one that is close, or just replace that one with 2 new ones.

  36. This type of photography inspired me so much, I remember my Dad having this kind of beautiful shot…

  37. I remember my dad with this beautiful photo, simple but full of lovely ideas… My dad captured also this type of image that’ why it’s inspired me so much….

  38. Felicity says:

    This looks so simple, yet delicate. I like how the beige background contrasts with the vibrant blue of the flowers. I could stare at it for hours…

  39. This violet colored etched flower vase that is immensely beautiful. Its the one most attractive piece and would look elegant when kept on the side table.Aesthetically designed, this vase impart home an ornamental look.Artistically molded in exquisite designs and styles

  40. I catching Photo.
    It’s really amazing!! I like it.

  41. Lovely photograph .It indeed demands admiration .The shadows add depth to the photo. The texture of the wall adds to the beauty of the click. I am an amateur photographer and such clicks allure me. Thanks for sharing the shot.

  42. Very detailed photo.

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