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Candle Flame


I like taking pictures of fire and smoke. Maybe because fire is analogous to life. The way it moves and feeds. Perhaps I just like the patterns fire makes. Maybe because answering the question, “What is a flame?“, is so hard.


(How’s my punctuation on that last sentence? No time to look it up – leave a note in the comments, please.)


  1. It’s a simple picture of a candle in flame but yet it looks astonishing! I have a Nikon D7000 DSLR and I love photography. Sometimes It’s just surprising for me to see a simple thing through my lens and find it to be extraordinary.

  2. DivinneGrace says:

    I love this close-up photo especially how the blue flame surrounds the yellow flame…

  3. I consider candle flame as “living light”.As it suggests that life and light seem to have something in common.To manifest light, air is required, just as a newborn human being is said to be alive after having taken his first breath of air.In the image of the candle flame, the analogy with man consisting also of 3 parts – body, soul, and spirit – comes to my mind.

  4. I love the appearance of this photo..The photographer was great to capture this.

  5. I love the way that you have captured the living spirit of the candle flame, a gorgeous shot πŸ˜‰

  6. Adhriene says:

    Looks definitely awesome shot! I have never seen a very close-up flame like this…You can see every detail of the photo…

  7. Flame is something can’t take advantage of. It’s a beautiful source of light that if you played with it you could end up hurting yourself.

  8. Jerry Masters says:

    Wonderful close up shot because we can see in detail the structure of the flame, simply it is looking beautiful with different colours. I will try to take some shots like this, thanks for sharing.

  9. punctuation looks good to me, but the picture is worth a thousand words (question marks, quotation marks, and etc πŸ™‚

  10. I’ve seen hundreds of shots almost exactly like this one but that doesn’t mean it’s not a great shot! You’ve captured it really well.

  11. I wish to be able to have a shot just like yours. THe close up photo really showed the magic of a flame and how it can capture you with its light.

  12. The Candle Flame symbolizes our life.As the time goes on and the wick goes further and further down in to the candle,its similar to our lives when we get older.When the candle flame goes off it means our life ends or we die at last .The smoke that comes out off the wick is like our spirit reaching the eternity(heaven).

  13. It’s an amazing photography.I wish I could take a pic like this.Our life is like a candle-wick aflame, whose glowing brightness drives darkness away.How long each candle lasts? No one can tell us. Similarly no one can predict how long we live in this universe.Some brides and grooms choose to honor the community through the unity candle.

  14. cmichaelsny says:

    Perfect sharing of photography…The flame of the candles..Looks awesome..

  15. Great photo! I love how you can see every detail of the burning wick, very well done. Thanks for sharing!

  16. Great photo, I really love how you can see every detail of the burning wick so up close. Thanks for sharing!

  17. Wow
    So clear and neat
    Flame is looking awesome
    Looking so REAL πŸ˜‰

  18. I love how you can see every detail of the burning wick, very well done. Thanks for sharing!

  19. A very simple and attractive pic. Simply beautiful..

  20. It just so beautiful to see candle flame so closely and it looks like pleasant fire. The upward pattern of candle flame is nice still for photograph. I love photography and I always carry my Digicam with me because you never know where you can get good pictures. The punctuation is good to highlight the describing words.

  21. Wow! Look at this! Lee, I shall say to you that your images always seems to me as portrait! Exciting!!

  22. They say a great photographer can go into his backyard and find a masterpiece. Finding beauty in simplistic objects is actually not a very easy thing to do. I think it was Steve Jobs that said, getting simple right is actually very hard.

  23. Sometimes beauty lies under simplicity. this is one of them.

  24. Even at first glance, this photograph is a perfect summary of human life: it starts off magnificently, bright and beauty. However, no matter how unbelieveably breath-taking the lights can be, or how bright they may shine, there is no avoiding the thick, black darkness that looms ahead.

  25. When the candle flame goes off it means our life ends or we die at last .The smoke that comes out off the wick is like our spirit reaching the eternity.

  26. I love that each photo can mean something different to every person who looks at it. In this burning candle I see a ticking clock that reminds us that no matter how beautiful life is, it’s always gradually flicking away before us. Wonderful. Twittering it now!

  27. This image explicitly captures the life cycle of a flame. The burning embers from the wick that is about to expire, the wick that is fueling life, the product of life itself in the flame and the wax that has not yet been melted. A very deep image when you really look at it and consider its components.

  28. Gatlinburg says:

    Wow! So simple yet astonishing!

  29. Still amazes me how a flame, even though it’s so tiny, can radiate with such a variety of colors!

  30. I think this is a very poetic photography. I like it. and for me represents awareness and truth. I really like the color … composision and thanks for the inspiration.

  31. natan dotan says:

    this is an outstanding image, a great boka as well as sharpness and colors ton, great work. the composition is great too…

  32. John Williams says:

    Great Macro image – I particularly like the glowing tip of the candle flame and wick texture – have you considered changing the backdrop color to compliment the candle flame colors?

  33. Part of making photography beautiful is seeing and presenting the simple things and make it clear. How many people did not watch a candle but when put this way it means a lot more. Keep it coming.

  34. Love the image of the flame. Great work! I want to try something similar.

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