Squash Blossom (Boys?)

Squash Blossom Boys

My sister and brother-in-law hired the Squash Blossom Boys to play their wedding (above). Singer Dustin Orbeson plays the mandolin (above) and is seen in black and white below.

Dustin Orbeson

My uncle said he would never have chosen a blue grass group for a wedding… but it worked (above: Dustin Orbeson, and Kit Murray’s banjo (left side of the photo is the end of the banjo, the tuning screws). This photo was taken by fire light. There was a small fire outside the tent, and the band hung around outside for a bit before going on to play.

Here’s Kyle Malone, also by fire light:

Kyle Malone

Anyhow, back to what my uncle said. A blue grass band at a wedding? It worked. It really worked.

For those who really want  a glimpse into my personal life, check out this track by the Avett Brothers. A January wedding? I’m in. Especially if my family is involved. This song plays on my iPod at least once a week. To my sister, whom I adore without question: thank you for inviting me to your January wedding.

Last picture from the night: new bass player Maren Hatch. Is a name change in order? 🙂

Maren Hatch

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