Getting Drilled

Bowling Ball and Drill Bits

Want to bowl a perfect 300? You should probably start with a good bowling ball.

This is a nice starter ball – getting prepped at Striker’s East, where the pro shop has limited hours, but an incredibly friendly staff and reasonable prices. If you’re going to buy a ball, find a local pro-shop and buy it there. DON’T buy on-line. You probably don’t know enough about bowling balls to make that a savvy move… and in the end, you still have to have the ball drilled, so you need your local pro anyways.

This ball cost more at the pro store than it would on the Web, but it came with free drilling. The ball you buy on-line? You’ll have to pay someone to drill it. All of the sudden, it’s not that great a deal anymore.


  1. Nice tip Lee. How much does a ball cost?

    By the way, nice shot with the drills 🙂

  2. Nice post. Buying a bowling ball online seems foolhardy indeed. I mean, don’t you want to hold that thing before you buy it?


  3. I enjoy bowling but in no way a professional so I just use the bowling ball they have readily avaliable. I know a great bowling ball makes a world of difference but not worth the investment. Maybe when I am more into bowling.

  4. Very cool picture! I am thinking that those are drill bits…
    As for shopping for a bowling ball on line, I can’t even imagine how much cost for shipping is with something so heavy.

  5. Fotografas says:

    interesting perspective

  6. ioana moise says:

    Good tips lee.your sugession will be worthly.
    Thanks for knowledge how too buy it

  7. Looks like the crown on Lady Liberty’s head. Not to insult that but must say, like the angle and texture that this picture has. The drills don’t look like like that loud (noise wise) machinery bit that they are. I found it hard to locate the bowling ball in the picture, the cut you have got of it being blurred and out of focus, contributes to this picture working out. I must also add that choosing the picture to be black and white rather than colored adds great class to it. Great job.

  8. Dixia Shi says:

    Totally agree that it looks like the crown on Lady Liberty’s head. You have managed to transform the picture completely, to something new and make it a picture worth a thousand words, speaks a lot. I’d like to see it as work and leisure captured together in one frame. A guy who may be a drill man could go after work to de-stress to the bowling club. Good work with the color choice as well, choosing black and white over colour. And get well soon. Hope you can get back to clicking such nice pictures soon.

  9. ioana moise says:

    I love bowling but i cant play it as professional.
    But its nice to read this article.

  10. Wonderful picture! Beneficial info and fantastic construct. Thanks for putting the time into the stuff you publish! Good work!

  11. Very cool photo, I love how the drill bits are in focus behind the bowling ball, almost as if they were the pins about to be knocked down. Also, great tips for bowlers! People are buying more and more things online, but bowling balls shouldn’t be one of them. Unless you are an expert there is no way you know what ball would be good for you. Go to a pro shop and ask a real expert! They are always really nice and helpful, in my experience.

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