I snapped this photo of stenciled letters off of a passenger car on a vintage steam locomotive train. I’m not sure what significance the letters are supposed to have, but I thought they made for a nice image.

…and since it’s been a week since I took a photo, I dug through my archives to find something even remotely interesting. I’m pretty busy away from my blog right now, and the camera is taking a break. I should be back to full on snapping mode shortly.


  1. Maybe it stands for, R-Right- Age? hehe! Can’t wait for your next photos!

  2. Was wondering what that was, interesting looking. I thought it was on a t-shirt or something at first. Hope you start taking more pictures soon, can’t wait to see some beautiful outdoor winter shots!

  3. Reina Elliston says:

    Nice! I like these kinds of photos, make people think what it’s really trying to say – rage? r-age? What does R stand for? We’ll wait for your photos.

  4. Ramp-age 🙂 Lee, taking a break is very natural. I bet you will be coming back in full throttle next time you feel like taking pictures again.

  5. It is kind of catchy. I am curious about its meaning. Anyway, I like the design and the lettering.

  6. Very cool looking photo. I like how the background is so black, which really highlights the bright white letters. And they are cool letters too, I could see that being a font or maybe cover art for a rock band lol

  7. GenoGamer63 says:

    Can i please use this image for youtube please dont copyright

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