Flowers and Bees In Flight

I took a few shots of bees buzzing around some flowers this summer on a trip to Virginia, and for some reason, haven’t posted them yet. Here are a couple photos that I thought turned out well.

My tips for taking photos of flying insects?

  • Take lots and lots of pictures
  • Use a smaller aperture, the insect will be more likely to be in focus
  • With a smaller aperture, you’ll need to have strong daylight to keep your shutter speed down.
  • Higher ISO can also help with shutter speed.
I didn’t take my own advice with these photos. It was early morning on a cloudy day, so the light was low. I don’t like shooting much higher than ISO 800 on my camera. These are set to 640… and my aperture was as wide as it could be at f/2.8.
But I did follow rule number one, and after deleting dozens of photos, here’s another one that turned out okay.
flowers and bees


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