The Doctor’s Files


You’ve probably seen these before – the neat, orderly row of files at a doctor’s office. They always look so neat and orderly to me. I like visual patterns, especially when there’s a break in them, such as we see here with the case of the mysterious Mr. and Mrs. F7801.


  1. That’s what I have always enjoyed about photography, the fact that you can take something so simple like this and make it into art. And I always like the contrast of focus against a blurred background. I can’t wait to see more new pics.

  2. The shot is incredibly unique and very artistic! By the way, what made you visit the doctor?

  3. Hi James,
    I love the photo for it’s artistic presence and also, for it 1,000 words that it holds! Your question about the mysterious Mr. and Mrs….um what could that mystery be??? Thanks for sharing, you are among the greatly talented.

  4. Beautiful photograph. I love files! I am an organized person!

  5. Haha I saw your response to Penny, were you really at the doctor Just for the picture?? It’s a great picture, you should do some of doctor’s tools. I would be interested to see what you come up with. Pics of stethoscopes could probably be neat.

  6. I have never seen such a beautiful spin on a doctors office.

  7. Wow cool looking photo! I really like the bright colors, and how those 2 files are sticking out in focus. It makes them seem so significant, makes you wonder who those 2 people are and whats so important about their files.

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