Spirit Day 2011


Spirit Day

It’s Spirit Day (click to learn more), and in support of the LGBT community, many people wore purple shirts. Me, I can’t really wear purple. My skin gets an orange tint around too much purple… so I bought a tie instead.

Why do we need to support the LGBT community? Are you Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual or Transgender? I’m not any of those things, but I remember the rumors when I was in high school. The kid who just killed himself? It’s because he was gay, and he couldn’t handle what people were saying about him. I remember listening to his best friend playing the bassoon at the end of the music corridor all day long… every time I walked by, the music was pouring out of this kid’s friend. A funeral dirge that lasted an entire day.

It was awful.

I think it’s better today, but we still have a way to go. LGBT kids are often confronted by intolerance, and that’s only IF they feel like they can admit that they are different. A lot of them pour their energy into hiding their true selves… so while they should be preparing for adulthood, and learning as much as they can, they instead spend their time trying to cloak their identities.

If I can help show support by wearing purple, guess what? I’m wearing purple.

You know what’s cool? I work for a company where we have a networking group that supports the LGBT community (I am a proud member). My step-daughter is a member of a group at her high school that promotes tolerance, too.

It gets better.

Photo information, for those who care. The flash is an SB700 shot through an umbrella, top right, very close to model. The camera is a Nikon D90 with a Nikkor 105mm lens at 1/200, f/20.0, ISO 200.

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