This photo was shot through a glass window. The moth landed on the glass, and didn’t seem to mind how close I was getting with my big macro lens.

EDIT: Found this video and thought it worth sharing. Check it out!


  1. I guess his eyes were looking for predators above and behind him. In fact, where are his eye?!

  2. I love the quality of the photo and the way that the body is in more focus that the tips of the wings and no glare from the glass, superb šŸ˜‰

    • Thanks, Karen. Always a pleasure to have you stop by. CommentLuv Premium question – I know you tweeted this… curious if you used the tweet button at the top or in the CL section? For some reason, your Luv is showing no follow (but David’s IS set to follow). Andy said he’d take a look later, but for now, I’m stumped.

  3. At first I was creeped out of the picture, but after looking past the fact that it is a bug… I really love the colors together and the detail/slight texture of the background.

  4. Moths are disgusting unlike butterflies. They are not interested in going anywhere for hours once they sit at one place according to their liking. In summers, they just come in huge numbers near my place. I have to keep my doors and windows closed as soon as the sun sets.

  5. Oh man – how close DID you get? I took something like this of a tarantula at a pet store the other day and I had to get *right* up to the glass… It was creepy, but well worth the shot I got!

  6. Samo Haryan says:

    Yes, really very close, I remember once I had made such photo but unfortunately I lost it while formating my computer.

  7. When they aren’t being pesky and flying all around my business, I actually like moths! While they’re not QUITE as pretty as butterflies, they’re still more appealing than almost any other bug… Except maybe a ladybug, those are my fave.

  8. Andie Climm says:

    This is very awesome picture!!I like how you capture it…

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  10. Rodrigo Valenzuela says:

    Your big macro lens has captured the image of the moth very beautifully. The way you approached the moth, stealthily, has also added to the beauty of the image. BTW, I was wondering about the camera that you used to capture this image.

  11. Awesome shot! Is the green background the color of the sky when you took the picture? It looks so different, I can’t make out what else it would be.

  12. Maybe the moth really want to have a picture. Actually this is the first time I’ve seen a moth in this close up. Awesome skills!

  13. Dear James Lee, thank you for sharing the video, wanted to watch it very much, but unfortunately it doesn’t load, hope you will fix it soon.

  14. That is a nice picture a moth. But with my camera I don’t think I will be able to capture a picture like that.

  15. Jane Johnson says:

    Nice capture of the moth. I don’t really like moths.

  16. I can’t recall ever seeing something that is simultaniously so beautiful and so icky at the same time šŸ˜› Credit to you for taking a wonderful shot, James, but ewww – moths still give me the creeps a bit!

  17. Incredible picture. The resolution is amazing. You were at the precise moment in the correct place. Very interesting.

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