Dog in the Surf

Abigail runs in the ocean

We took Abigail to the beach a couple weeks ago to try ocean fetch, and she absolutely loved it.

I was surprised at how warm the water was. After Labor Day, you just don’t see people jumping in the ocean in New England. Still, I walked in the low waters, and it felt good.


  1. what a fun shot! what is she fetching?

  2. Love the suspended water. I wish my dog would go into the water. He is more of a cat in that sense.

    • Abigail loves the water… unless it’s bath time. πŸ˜‰

      On a related note, one of our cats could care less about most water. Rain? No problem… even when it’s raining heavily.

      • “Abigail loves the water… unless it’s bath time.” – Just like my dig candy. Seems like you really had fun in the beach. I love how you captured this moment in motion. Did you set your camera to hi-iso or normal?

  3. Excellent capture. Cool angle and great light.

  4. Cool photo. Looks like your dog had a great time. Hope you did too))

  5. Its soo much fun playing around with your dog. It feels overwhelming to see how much they enjoy themselves playing with small small things. I just love taking my dog wherever I go a it helps me calm down and feel happy.

  6. Great shot James! The splashing water is so realistic πŸ™‚ What’s that on Abigail’s mouth?

  7. Photography is also one of my hobbies, though i am not as good as you, good work, keep it up.

  8. Nicely captured! I love moving photos of animals, esp. dogs!

  9. Aww she looks like one super happy dog! I love ocean fetch, the dogs always seem so elated as they charge into the water lol. Nice photo too, I like how the splash of the water droplets look suspended in midair.

  10. Abigail looks happy. What breed is she? I’m also a dog lover. I have 6 dogs at home.

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