Today’s shot is another train photo from West Virginia. I was able to step just a little further back, and in spite of these gears size, captured a nice cross section of the rusting metal.

It’s an interesting tourist attraction, but the engineer mind in me wanted to know how much it was worth if it were recycled as scrap metal…


  1. This one is cool too, you can see a lot more of the detail than in the other picture… I can’t decide which one I like better!

  2. Solid composition, good execution, well done!

  3. Now that would make an amazing album cover πŸ˜‰

  4. beautiful picture looks mechanism feels power

  5. Neat! Trains are such fascinating pieces of equipment. To me, this picture screams modernity. Great shot!

    • Thanks, Carrie! Does it matter if this equipment is about a hundred years old? πŸ™‚

      • True, they’re old… BUT, trains were one of the first symbols that were used to represent the age of modernity and the age of the machine. So yes, it’s an outdated symbol, but an original nonetheless!

  6. George Suarez says:

    That rust looks more concerning and getting it recycled is a great idea, maybe that will be the best way to get it replaced. The shot’s completely awesome, only a keen observer can get that kind of shot.

  7. I love pictures of gears, they almost remind me of steampunk! The older the better, and if they are made of brass, I’m in heaven πŸ˜€

  8. I agree with Carrie – it does have a modern feel, even though the equipment is obviously old. Maybe it’s the black and white, makes it look like chrome or something.

  9. Hard to believe this is the same equipment as the other picture, the color and angle/closeness make it look so different! Both are great, though.

  10. I love such photos! Black and white always looks like vintage and even like sort of chronicle, especially when we talk about mechanisms and machines, like you were making a documentary about this train)

  11. I absolutely love this photo. The gears were captured elegantly and it shows how far technology has really come.

  12. Very cool shot. I love how the metal gears have a clear modern technological feel, but the rust shows their age. It makes me think of steampunk type stuff lol.

  13. mechanical world is very interesing πŸ™‚ i remember when i was a child i used to watch all day watching my father reparing his car πŸ™‚ and than i used to try repair my bicycle

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