I’m not one of these guys that will go out with a squirt bottle to add little drops of water to flowers before I take their pictures… but when it rained a couple weeks ago, I went looking for interesting things to shoot, and I liked the way the water was dripping from the hydrangeas out back.

This photo represents the extent of what Hurricane Irene did at our place. No damage, a lot of rain, and no power for three days.


  1. What a pretty shot! Did you take this at night? I love the dark background. I really love that you squirted it with a water bottle to get the drops of water lol…

  2. lyomena spitia says:

    Fantastic shot! Very professional…! Great job!

  3. I actually don’t thing it would be a big deal to spray water on a plant for a better shot. The movie industry does it all the time.

    • You’re right, Dave… and I set up shots all the time, so it’s not like I’m against it or anything. I just haven’t bothered when it comes to flowers. 🙂

  4. That is a great shot. Water drops or dew always adds some kind of magic to the blade of grass or in the petals of a flower. On a rainy day, I use a plastic sheath to protect the camera and hunt for the prize winning shot – but sadly can never get that till now. It is not easy. Your shot is one I would love to replicate.

  5. Do people REALLY squirt flowers with water before they take their pictures? I can’t believe it! This looks beautiful, my best friend got married recently and we (the bridesmaids) carried hydrangea bunches down the aisle as our bouquets.

    • Sara, they really do. It’s commonly taught to beginning photographers as a way to make their flower photos stand out. Crazy, huh?

      The bouquets sound lovely.

      This hydrangea was nearly destroyed a couple years ago in a big wind storm, broke nearly clean off at the stump. Claire tied it up and we all crossed her fingers… and were blessed by fresh flowers the next spring. It’s a lucky hydrangea bush!

  6. The water droplets do look beautiful, and even more so since we know they weren’t artificially implanted! 😉

  7. I love hydrangeas! This picture reminds me of spring… and how it’s so far away from now… wah, wah, wah.

  8. Can’t imagine living without electricity for that long. Ice cream melting, eggs and milk spoiling, etc. What a nightmare…

    • Fortunately, we own a generator just strong enough to power the refrigerator and a couple other things, so it’s much more tolerable for us than it is for some. Power outages of a day or more seem to happen about once a year here.

  9. Beautiful flowers! I know that they are not lilacs but somewhat similar at such a close up level. It took me down memory lane from when I was a child and outside my window was a lilac bush. The smell would fill my room every spring.
    Amazing how photos can do that to you.

  10. Looking at this photo makes me feel so relaxed. The composition is great from the foreground and the background. The blurry effect of the subject’s background instantly draws attention to this very serene white colored flower. Love the shot.

  11. I really enjoy all your photos. So love the dusk in the background. It is in a beautiful paradox with the white flowers. 🙂

  12. I love hydrangeas, they’re one of my very favorite flowers. The color of the one in the picture is beautiful…and I like that you didn’t spray bottle it. 🙂 Better to go au natural.

  13. Awesome shot! Well I think beauty of a natural object captured in natural environment can never be achieved if anything unnatural is added in it. Some photographers think that they can replace raindrops with sprayed water but this is something impossible. This image gives a fully natural and pure look. Well done.

  14. These are some difficult flower to take a picture of and I have recently seen another blog where the photographer took a picture of hydrangeas that didn’t come out as well. So I applaud you for posting such a stunning picture.

  15. Heather Smith says:

    nice pic, just put a dose of passion on it and you will go a long way! Keep on posting!

  16. Beautifully captured!

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