Snails on the Beach

snail beach

Part two from my trip to York, Maine’s Long Beach. I’m going to try to go back soon to see if I can get a better close up photo.


  1. Ha! Lovely…

  2. I so like it! Beautifully captured. Perfect!

  3. Not knowing these were snails, if I was walking along the beach and came across these, I probably would’ve thought they were pebbles, and skipped 2-3 of them on the water…

  4. Looks like some sort of peanuts to me 🙂 But yeah the shot is wonderfully done!

  5. You make everything look adorable James.. Thanks for sharing this wonderful pic!

  6. Andrew Bailey says:

    my money is on the third snail on the right to win!

  7. Look like some rolling stones at a glance, I didn’t know there is as little snail as that.. great shot!

  8. What kind of snails are these. good thing I looked at it clearly and saw the feet. lol I thought these are stones.

  9. WOW! I don’t think that I have ever seen a snail on the beach. You truly have an eye for these things. I wonder why a snail would ever been on the beach?

  10. Nice shot! I guess with snails it’s better to take photographs of them…imagine capturing them on will get impatient.

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