Snail Bokeh


Long Beach, York, Maine. South side.

The place is littered with snails. Crazy with them. I liked the bokeh in this image…

There were people collecting buckets full of snails for their dinner. I, on the other hand, just collected photos.


  1. I love this photo! A friend of mine is so obsessed with snails. I am sure she will love this picture.

  2. Very nice DOF and bokeh !

  3. What a great picture! Snails creep me out a little bit, but I like this one because you can’t really see anything underneath of their shells. 🙂

  4. Its really rare yo see this much amount of snails at any beach. I also wish to go their and full my bucket and camera both with these snails. 🙂

  5. I love the shot, but on another note, I like escargot but I don’t think I would be picking them from the shore to take home and cook, but i don’t know how to prepare it either. Is it just me or does that seem weird.

    • Roger, I think most people are pretty far removed from their protein intake these days. How many people would be okay with raising their own chickens, cows, or pigs… then eating them? The thought seems weird to a lot of folks.

      As for how… I think it involves copious amounts of butter and garlic, but having tried escargot a couple of times, I know that I prefer other things with copious amounts of butter and garlic, so you can have them. 🙂

      • thanks for the response. I have had chickens growing up but they were purely for eggs. So that i don’t mind so much, although that screwy rooster used to scare me.

  6. Stunning depth of field =)love it!!

  7. Interesting – they kind of just look like a bunch of rocks, the way they’re all next to one another and their coloring and everything! I can’t imagine eating a snail… Have you ever tried it?

    • That’s what I thought when I first saw them… bumps on rocks… there were so many, it seemed incongruous that they would actually be thousands of snails.

  8. Wow, Now that is not something that you see on the west cost.

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