I don’t consider this an exceptional photo by any stretch – rather, it’s just another from the new lens in my bag, the Nikkor 105mm micro. It’s a pretty long lens, and capable of focusing very close up, as seen in the coffee bubbles the other day. Here I was using it to try to catch a drop as it exited the faucet. Without a flash on my camera, I had a hard time getting the shutter fast enough to get a good clear shot, but this photo turned out okay.


  1. This is definitely an amazing shot of the dripping water! Good work on this one. Your new lens must be working pretty well. 🙂

  2. Cool photo, for sure… No self portrait in the drop this time, though?

  3. Dr. George Suarez says:

    Turned out fine. I was wondering if it would look better if it had more light? Anyway great timing. Must’ve taken you a few tries to capture the perfect little drop.

  4. This could definitely be little clearer, but still, excellent shot. I’m sure the timing was pretty tricky with this one. More light would definitely help, I’m interested to see what else you can do with a water droplet!

  5. You can almost IMAGINE just how quiet it must be in that room, right at that moment before the water hints the sink.

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