Coffee Bubbles

My morning coffee

Playing with my new lens, I snapped this shot of the inside of my morning coffee. Can you find me in the reflections?

What else do you see in there?

(Click the photo to enlarge)


  1. Oooh, pick me, pick me! Is that star shape your ceiling fan? 🙂

  2. Yes,yes,yes….I can see you everywhere, yay sooo creative of you…

  3. Yes, I can definitely see you behind your camera! 😀 This is amazing, your coffee bubbles look like fish eggs! 🙂

  4. Great shot. And Yes I can see a blurry you what a great effect.

  5. Superb Shot. It looks like hundreds of eyes are looking at me.

    Nice attempt. Keep doing good works.



  6. Dr. George Suarez says:

    If you take a quick look at the picture without knowing the title, it actually kind of looks like fish eggs. I can see you by the way, just a little disfigured.

  7. I love coffee and this looks alien to me. Without knowing what the subject is, I think I would’ve been a bit disgusted as well.

    Guess it’s true that photography makes you look at the world from a different perspective (or lens).

  8. Fabulous shot! Really great actually. I absolutely love the reflections, you can just make your camera out in the bubbles. I love it when photographers play with reflections, the results are always interesting t look at!

  9. Cool shot.. the ceiling fan was very clear and of course there were your reflections too.

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